REDFIN 2D gel image analysis software

REDFIN is an easy-to-use, high quality software solution for image analysis of 2D electrophoresis images.

REDFIN 2D gel image analysis software


  • Reduce the time you have to spend on 2D gel image analysis

    The workflow-driven interface in REDFIN expertly guides you through the analysis, so that even a novice user is up and running fast. A 4th generation analysis strategy and global spot editing options ensure that high quality data can be achieved in minimal time. Learn more
  • Dig deeper into your data

    In REDFIN you can easily create as many groups and comparisons as you wish. That way you can group your gels according to different characteristics or different time points. By creating multiple groups and comparisons you are able to explore various differential expression patterns at the review stage and thereby dig deeper into your data. Learn more
  • Share experiments and collaborate with co-workers around the world

    REDFIN is the first and only 2D gel software to allow interactive "sharing". This means that you can share your experiments with co-workers anywhere in the world by the click of a button. Learn more
  • Know that your data is safe

    REDFIN automatically saves and backs up your data whilst you work, thereby ensuring that your results are safe even if something happens to your hard drive. Learn more
  • Save money by only paying for analysis results you can use

    You can try out the analysis for free and only pay for results you are happy with. When you analyze your 2D gel images in REDFIN you follow the analysis workflow to the end where you are able to quickly review your analysis. Within a few seconds you will be able to tell if you are happy with the results or not. If you’re not, abort or redo the analysis and no money has been spent! Learn more

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To analyze your 2D gel images using REDFIN you simply need to download the free REDFIN software and create your personal and secure account.

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2D gel electrophoresis best practices award

Ludesi’s best in class technology alongside good economy of scale for its customers, makes it the preferred option for proteomics laboratories.

With a high discovery potential and unique pay-per-gel service model, Ludesi displays its commitment to take the technology to the customers at a very affordable price with quick turn around time.

Beyond its superiority in gel analysis, the easy applicability of the technology to the scientists in their day to day research will help in the easy adoption of this technology."

Frost & Sullivan

The REDFIN 2D gel image analysis software has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be certified for Windows Vista®.